Teaching jobs in Belgium

Teaching in Belgium

BelgiumBelgium is one of the smallest European countries, bordering France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The country offers historical cathedrals, stunning architecture, canals and valleys to explore. Belgium has three official languages – Dutch, French and German. However, many people learned English at school so you shouldn’t too many issues with a language barrier. The schools are divided into the 3 language communities, and each community has their own regulations within the education system. It’s a great opportunity to brush up on a language of your choice! To find out more about teaching in Belgium we encourage you to register your interest with us today. One of our consultants can then begin the process of finding opportunities that meet your expectations.


Living in Belgium

The country has a high standard of living and excellent public attractions , with a friendly and diverse culture which makes it attractive for expats. With Belgium scoring above average on income, wealth, employment, housing and cost of living its considered a desirable place to live and work. If you’re considering a teaching role in Belgium, you’ll find like-minded people within the community, with nearly 12.5% of the population being foreign born. In other words, you’ll have no problem meeting new people on your new adventure. Besides their exceptional museums, they have a lively theatre scene, historical towns and colourful festivals. And of course, they’re famous for their beer, chocolate and waffles. In addition to this, you’re close to 4 other countries if you’re looking to venture out further! The cost of living is reasonable with a 1-bedroom apartment in the capital costing £680 per month.  

Cost of living in Belgium

Inexpensive meal
£ 0

Local beer (500ML)

£ 0

loaf of bread

£ 0

Monthly rail pass

£ 0

1 Bedroom apartment

£ 0

Pair of Levi jeans

£ 0

Average monthly net salary

£ 0

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