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Teaching in Kuwait

Thousands of expats profit from the country’s success and you too can find a teaching job in Kuwait. Islam has a massive impact on life in the country, but only a third of the population are Kuwaitis. Surrounded by the desert, due to its oil reserves, it is one of the richest countries in the world.

Huge investment has gone into education and healthcare, thanks to revenues generated from oil. The public schools are terrific, but international schools are important with families holding British and American schools in high-esteem. As a result, schools require qualified teachers and skilled practitioners in order to meet the exacting standards of a Western education.

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Kuwait jobs for teachers

Living in Kuwait

There are thousands of expats living in Kuwait so by moving there you’ll never feel alone. Gas prices are low, so driving around the country is inexpensive, perfect for day trips and adventures.

For international teachers working there, they benefit from living in a safe environment where crime is low.

The cost of living is reasonable with a 1-bedroom apartment in the capital costing £724 per month.

Cost of living in Kuwait

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