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The International Teaching Partnership

The International Teaching Partnership specialises in helping teachers fulfil their dreams of teaching abroad. Our reach is far and wide because we work with schools across the globe.

Do you have a dream of teaching abroad? Are you looking to enhance your career and experience a different culture? If so, we’re here to help you. We’re part of an established education recruitment partnership of companies which has been placing teachers into roles since 1999.

In short, we know what we’re doing and how we can help you propel your career. Our knowledgeable and dedicated consultants are here to help you throughout the whole process as you begin your journey to work abroad.

From visa application support through to advice on taxes and local customs, we have been there and done it and provide the best advice and support in the market.

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey today and experience what the world has to offer great teachers.

The top 5 reasons teachers choose to work abroad

We know that many teachers opt to work internationally for many reasons. Yet, perhaps surprisingly, money isn’t the primary motivator. What really motivates people to teach abroad are outlined below. What’s your motivation?

Travel and culture
Enjoyment of teaching abroad and challenge
Dissatisfaction of home education system
Career growth

Our international expertise

Journey down the Silk Road to the Sinosphere to find a world of spices, where cultures merge and fuse to create one of the most wonderful places in the world. Steep mountainous ranges give way to expansive plains and modern cities with a host of schools looking for expert teachers.

East Asia & Oceania jobs

From desert safaris to malls stretching as far as the eyes can see, there is always something to occupy your time in the Middle East and Africa. As cultural hubs with a selection of the best international schools, working in this region will add value to your C.V.

Middle East & Africa jobs

Explore the canals of Venice or the sun-blessed promenades of the Cote d’Azur. Walk the historic streets of Berlin or discover the Alhambra Palace in Granada. With its rich history and diverse cultural influences, Europe is one of the best places to work as a teacher.

Europe jobs

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From the desert sands and bright lights of Middle Eastern cities to the sun-soaked beaches of Australia, we can help you begin your teaching adventure.

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What our teachers and schools say

Sapna from the International Teaching Partnership made a great job in helping us to find the right candidate. All done in a very short time. Very professional.

Great service, Very friendly, responsive and professional. I would recommend to anyone who is trying to become an international teacher.

Very professional and responsive. ITP has aided me through the entire process of teaching abroad and provided support on my behalf.

One of the best teaching agencies I have worked with. Very professional and fast for finding the teaching job that suits you.

The TIP are very professional and helped me to find a great job with the support of one of their friendly employees. Would definitely recommend.

Now working in my dream school after all of Sapna’s help. She’s been so supportive and even now I have the job still contacts me regularly to see how I’m getting on. Such a professional service would recommend to everyone.

The best help I could have! They are really interested in your job searching and they are along with you in all the process. Sapna was thoughtful and helped me to find a great job.

I would like to thank Sapna for her hard work in providing multiple opportunities for work abroad. My first interview came through this agency within the first month, even though I’d been signed up with another agency for months prior. Despite a few initial set backs (Covid-smovid) I am happily about to set off to Bucharest to complete my Induction Process.
I didn’t feel forgotten, and receiving phone calls with updates of new offers I felt kept in the loop. It isn’t easy being an NQT at the moment. Would recommend.

Second to none! Was contacted about a job in Germany at the end of first lockdown. Everything was arranged for a smooth transition to my new home! Best decision I’ve ever made with the support of Sapna. Thank you again!

Best agency ever. I’ve signed up for them then one week later I got a job offer working abroad. They’re very fast pace and hard working. Really recommend this agency!

Absolutely fantastic service, they have helped find me my dream teaching job in Spain! My agent Sapna was so friendly and professional, she spoke to me at length about a position she thought would suit me based on what i wanted and my experiences. Cannot recommend enough!

I applied for a position in August which someone had already been appointed for. Sapna kept my details with the intention of sending my details to positions on the following intake.

I was recruited by the first employer I had made contact with through this agency and by a fantastic company with great future career prospects and routes into education leadership.

I would and have already recommended the International Teaching Partnership to teachers who wish to teach in an international setting.

As an educator of 12 years in both the UK and abroad, I have worked and communicated with various recruitment agencies. International Teaching Partnership (ITP) has been one of my most positive experiences.
Sapna at ITP was professional, articulate and was an excellent communicator. She supported me every step of the way from search to job offer to confirming ALL my questions.
But, most importantly, it is evident Sapna genuinely wanted to match me with the ‘right job for you’, not just fill a post.
Thank you again Sapna at International Teaching Partnership.

I could not recommend Sapna, and The International Teaching Partnership highly enough! Within 5 days, they had made contact and secured me a job!

In February I began applying to countless numbers of agencies to find a position teaching abroad. One of the agencies I decided to apply to was The International Teaching Partnership. I believed this was going to be difficult, especially through COVID times.

Within days of applying I had an e-mail from an agent Sapna asking if she could call me the next morning. I of course agreed to this and she rang at the exact time we had arranged. This call was to set up a profile. Sapna was friendly and professional on the phone, making talking to her easy. Within minutes of asking for locations I would like to apply to, she informed me about a vacancy in one of my chosen countries. Sapna asked me whether I would like to go for this and I agreed. A couple of hours later, she had managed to set me up with an interview for 2 days later.

The interview came, and Sapna had given me guidance the night prior and also checked in with me the morning of. It felt really good! We spoke after the interview to discuss how it went and what happened. 2 days later, she informed me that I had been offered the position and that the school were going to be making contact (which they did within the hour)!

Sapna has continuously WhatsApp messaged me to check how things are going, and also been really helpful in terms of being a point of contact with the school too.

I could not recommend Sapna, and The International Teaching Partnership highly enough! Within 5 days, they had made contact and secured me a job!

They helped me find my new school and made their continuous support felt throughout the process. I thank them and recommend them to all international teachers looking for a new job.

It is thanks to ITP that I found a fantastic position in Torino, Italy, that perfectly matched my background, skills, and growth interests. If not for them, and Sapna Gore in particular, I might still be cold calling schools and knocking my head against walls. But with ITP’s help, I was able to secure interviews with multiple schools for both teaching and leadership positions. The schools represented were of very good quality, highly organized and professional, much like ITP. I also appreciate the kindness and genuine interest Ms. Gore took in my job search process. She really was my partner…I guess that’s why they carry the name International Teaching Partnership 🙂

The International Teaching Partnership helped me get a role in Qatar for the next academic year. The process was simple and effortless. Sapna Gore was very helpful in giving me the right information and constantly checking up on me. This therefore made the process feel very easy and simple and at times as if I was talking to a friends in Sapna Gore.

I would thoroughly recommend them for anyone who is looking for teaching roles around the world.

International Teaching Partnership helped both me and my partner to secure a job in a beautiful location. When Ms. Gore got in touch with me I was not available for a position but she kept my details for future possibilities. As soon as I was actively looking for a role, Ms. Gore contacted schools in the locations I chose and I was recruited by the first employer I had made contact with through this agency.

I have been very happy working with Sapna over the past two years. Each time I have contacted her, she has responded immediately and I have been fortunate to secure a position very quickly! I highly recommend this service to anyone in search of a new position who wants to work with a recruiter who is with you through the process. Thank you!

They helped me get a great job at a great school shortly after I got in touch with them. They will definitely help any teacher find a job. And, apart from being efficient, they are very nice to you, which makes the process of finding a job ten times easier.

The International Teaching Partnership was extremely helpful and efficient in finding me a job abroad. Since the pandemic, I had been finding it extremely difficult to find a teaching job overseas with job advertisement websites, but this company made it a lot easier, and were quite fast to find me a school that was interested in me. Within 2 weeks of their initial interest, I was offered the job. I would highly recommend them. My agent Sapna has been brilliant, very grateful for all she has done for me!

I found the organisation very professional and helpful. Sapna worked incredibly hard to find me a job in a great school. I would recommend anyone to use their service.

Time and time again I have turned to Sapna at The International Teaching Partnership for recruitment help.  Even when time is tight, she has come up trumps, providing me with a good selection of candidates and offering a very approachable, professional service.

Caroline, Client - Cordoba

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