The ITP builds connections with Middle East schools

The International Teaching Partnership build connections with Middle East schools.

The International Teaching Partnership (ITP) attended the annual British Schools in the Middle East (BSME) conference to build connections with middle east schools.

Armed with unique branding, squishy stress ball aeroplanes and a mountain of pens, the team made an impression in the conference.

The exhibition, held in Abu Dhabi brought together education practitioners, leaders and schools’ directors from around the Middle East and further afield.
The ITP team met a wide range of delegates, building key relationships which have already allowed the team to return to the UK with an abundance of new international teaching opportunities.

Speaking about the event, managing director Kris Hair said “this was a fantastic event in a region of the world which has fantastic opportunities for international teachers. Having met with key delegates at the conference we have picked up a number of new vacancies for our qualified teaching candidates.”
The conference which lasted 3 days was a whirlwind of activity for the ITP and is something that Kris can envisage doing again in other areas, he said,

“I think it’s crucial that we get in front of decision makers, travelling the world in the same way our candidates do. It allows us to get a better understanding of the schools we’re working with so we can then provide this information to teachers starting their international adventure.”

The BSME is the largest dedicated network of British International Schools in the Middle East. It has more than 125 Member Schools and over 100 supporting Associate Members (business partners) in the organisation.

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